Introduction to the Hebrew Language



Introduction to the Hebrew Language – Taught by Jason Wetz (Ph.D.)


  1. The course is nineteen weeks long. The class will meet 6:30-8:00 PM (1.5 hours), each Tuesday of the week. 


  1. Students must purchase a $30 workbook / binder as part of their registration (books may be purchased through Mission Point Church).


  1. Each week the student pays $20 (the entire course, including book, is therefore $410), students may pay weekly or as much as they want at a time (many pay everything upfront). All class payments are to be made directly to the instructor and done prior to the start of each class (check is preferred but cash for a receipt is accepted).


  1. Upon completion for the course, students obtain the necessary foundation for Hebrew Language acquisition. In addition to this, successful completion of all nineteen lessons allows students to effectively read academic articles and commentaries, as well as efficiently follow lectures wherein Hebrew is a spoken, written, and/or a transliterated component.


Registration will be done through Mission Point Church prior to the first class on Tuesday April 20, 2021.

Click here to register:  as soon as possible as there is a maximum limit of students permitted, hence registering early ensures your place in the class.


Any questions please contact Pastors Dan Zediker or Matt Trammel of Mission Point Church (419-756-4224) or email them at